Personality Development

This course covers various dimensions and importance of effective personality. It helps understand personality traits and formation and vital contribution in the world of business. Also the course makes the students aware about the various dynamics of personality development.

The course aims to cause a basic awareness about the significance of soft skills in professional and inter-personal communications and facilitate an all-round development of personality. Hard or technical skills help securing a basic position in one’s life and career.

But only soft skills can ensure a person retain it, climb further, reach a pinnacle, achieve excellence, and derive fulfilment and supreme joy. Soft skills comprise pleasant and appealing personality traits as self-confidence, positive attitude, emotional intelligence, social grace, flexibility, friendliness and effective communication skills.

Course Status : Completed
Course Type : Core
Duration : 8 weeks
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Category : o Management Studies
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Level : Undergraduate


Course layout
Week 1 : Define Personality, Determinants of Personality Development, Perception – Definition, Perceptual Process

Week 2 : Factors of Association – Relationship, Personality Traits, Developing Effective Habits, Emotional Intelligence

Week 3 : Motivation, Introspection, Self-Assessment, Self-Appraisal & Self-development, Sigmund Freud Id, Ego & SuperEgo

Week 4 : Self Esteem and Maslow, Self Esteem & Erik Erikson, Mind Mapping, Competency Mapping & 360 Degree Assessment,

Types of Personalities – Introvert, Extrovert & Ambivert person, Effective Communication & Its key aspects

Week 5 : Assertiveness, Decision making skills, Conflict: Process & Resolution, Leadership & Qualities of Successful Leader
Week 6 : Interpersonal Relationship, Personality – Spiritual journey beyond management of change, Good manners & Etiquettes,

Effective Speech, Understanding Body language, projective positive body language

Week 7 : Attitude – Concept -Significance -Factors affecting attitudes – Positive attitude–Advantages –Negative attitude-Disadvantages –
Ways to develop positive attitude, Carl Jung ‘s contribution to personality development theory

Week 8 : Stress Management: Introduction, Causes, stress management techniques,
Time management: Importance of time management, Techniques of time management, Time management styles.