As English is a link language. English is broadly used all around the globe. It unites citizens from every parts of the globe as it is a vital means of communication. SPOKEN ENGLISH course in QUIQR HR GROUP  is provided by English-Pro. We center on the sensible usage of the language and cheer our students to recover their Spoken English, Writing skills, Reading skills And Listening skills.  Out of all modules of English, Spoken English is widely used in learning institutes, offices, social gatherings and in many other situations. Due to globalization, during interviews or other dealings, Spoken English is used in the conversation. So, people wish to make it the division of their personality.Today, English is spoken around the world, by over a district of a billion people and as a Second language by many millions more. The complexities and variations in spoken English come from the aptitude of the language to incorporate new words from other languages into its lexicon to make it comfortable However, all these complexities and variations lay a common speech pattern that is accepted and understood commonly. It is our venture at English-Pro to coach our students to defuse all variations, so they can speak and understand general spoken English which will aid them to be champion in their academic and business ventures, whether abroad or in India.

English-Pro is the best institute of SPOKEN ENGLISH course in QUIQR HR GROUP, Mohali, and Punjab. We make the student confidence of speaking and communication in English. This is because when it comes to spoken English, people of India are normally shy because of lack of practice. We have wide observed sessions where the students can get clear of their inhibitions and speak freely. This has made English-Pro the most liked institute of SPOKEN ENGLISHcourse in QUIQR HR GROUP, Online App.

Our training institute teaches over 10,000 students yearly at our SPOKEN ENGLISH course in QUIQR HR GROUP. This means we appreciate the needs of our students and the challenges they face. We aspire to make an environment that is fun and interactive, because we believe that if learners enjoy their classes, they are more motivated to progress in their studies. We also offer SPOKEN ENGLISH course in QUIQR HR GROUP for Beginners and Advanced level students. Register for the right course and study from our professional mentors who hold recognized qualifications in teaching English. Our material gives you practical knowledge and skills to develop your English language abilities. Our especially designed courses are for adults looking to recover their skill in English. Whether you want to improve your in general communication, take an English exam, or simply want to expand your spoken English skills, we have the right course for you. All victorious students will receive a English-Pro certificate at the conclusion of the course.

Our Focus on Different Activities:

  • All grammar aspects
  • Vocabulary Building.
  • Speaking topics.
  • Hesitation Removal.
  • Activities on alternative days.
  • Fluency Conversation.
  • Story telling.
  • Accent Neutralization.
  • Telephonic Etiquette.
  • Group Discussion.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Newspaper Reading.
  • Extempore Skills.
  • Business dealing Etiquette.


Duration – 2months (2hrs. per session) Basic  SPOKEN ENGLISHcourse in QUIQR HR GROUP is basically meant for those students who are not new to English language. They have poor knowledge of grammar and incorrect sentences formation. They make sentences with wrong tenses. Vocabulary is weak in these students.

Key Features:

  • Improve accuracy in Grammar.
  • Expand vocabulary.
  • Development of reading skills.
  • Correct pronunciation.
  • Audio sessions for effective listening.
  • Communication in English in day to day situations.


Duration- 3 months (2hrs. per session) SPOKEN ENGLISH course in QUIQR HR GROUP is meant for students who have fair knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but are hesitant and under confident. They have incorrect pronunciation.

Key Features:

  • Advance grammar for construction and usage of complex sentences.
  • Advance vocabulary.
  • Appropriate usage of idiomatic phrases.
  • Improve public speaking skills
  • Extempore session, group activities and flip overs.
  • Audio-Visual aids.

Our SPOKEN ENGLISH course in QUIQR HR has different modules

Despite the fact that English is a global language most people are aware of only 35% of the words that comprise the language. For a good command over any language one should have sound knowledge of grammar, ample vocabulary along with excellent power of expression and articulation. In our institute it is a one stop solution for all your English needs. Come, experience the difference in training methodology and excel in the language. With the right course, skilled trainers, and an encouraging environment you can combine an important part of your career plan with an experience you will always cherish. The following tips will help you in improving your Spoken English and will overcome your hesitation in the language.

  1. Don’t worry about making mistakes because you will make mistakes as a learner.
  2. Be patient. This isn’t a one day process.
  3. Learn certain phrases that can be used in multiple situations.
  4. Learn how to greet someone properly.
  5. Talk slowly and carefully. Don’t rush through your sentences.
  6. Restrict yourself to simple sentences until you gain confidence.
  7. Watch out for your pronunciation. Many online tools will tell you how to pronounce a word correctly. Check one of them out when you’re in doubt.
  8. Carefully observe how proficient speakers of the language pronounce words and frame their sentences.
  9. Ask your friends, relatives and anyone you can to point out your mistakes and correct them.
  10. Speak to them in English only. Practice is a must.
  11. Record yourself reading one article aloud every day. Focus on pronunciation, speed, clarity and emphasis.
  12. Many online sites offer you the opportunity to voice chat with another user. This is an effective way to practice.
  13. Learn at least one new word every day and use it as a part of your conversation with people. By the end of the week, you should know seven words really well.
  14. Learn new words everyday
  15. Read at least one article of your choice aloud every day.
  16. Watch English movies with subtitles.
  17. Watch English shows.
  18. Read books and magazines.
  19. Keep a pocket dictionary handy for any word you may need to know the meaning of.
  20. When you hear a new word, try to find its usage and its antonyms.